Why Hire Us?

Your Benefits

Marketing First

Customers don’t buy base on web design and certainly do not buy from a poorly designed website. Many web design firms are great at designing, but lack the programming skills to make a website functional as good as it looks. Many web developing firms are great at web programming, but lacks design skills. To make sales on the internet, your website will require sales and marketing skills which are rare in this industry. We came from a strong marketing background, so we can offer all three skills to you. We perform the sales and marketing of your business first, have expert programmers to code the functions and then have professional designers to design around it. You will end up with result pulling designs and marketing functions that fit your business needs.

Reduce human resource expenses

When your business have a functional business website, it is like having a full time employee working for you 24 hours a day. It will answer repetitive questions, process transactions, perform customer support and do basic online marketing for you. You will never have to worry about human employee related issues and expenses for this virtual employee. One time price for years of free work.

Technical Experise and Reliable Developers

The web is constantly changing and evolving. What is common practice today may become completely different tomorrow. We pride ourselves on keeping up to date on the latest trends and techniques so that your site is code compliant, optimized for the search engines and most importantly, accessible to everyone. We have also helped many companies achieve their development goals when their previous certified and experienced developer cannot.

Open New Markets

Can you do e-commerce or introduce your products or services to the world if you are not online? Nope. We have clients making huge profits selling internationally rather than just in the United States. We can help you lift the restrictions of your local market and sell worldwide.


We have over 7 years of development experience, designed and built countless websites that are result driven. When you hire us, you get not only a new site, but advice on the best practices for improving sales, shopping cart conversion, accounting, shipping, taxation, marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Mobile browsing and information on how to improve your business marketing. After all, what good is a web site if it can’t be viewed by half of your potential clients?

Keep Customers

Can customers who heard about you check you out later on the Net if you don’t have a site? Nope. If your customers have not visit your business recently and cannot remember everything on your menu, many will buy from your competitors even if initially they wanted to buy from you. If you have a website, your potential customers will find your business. If you don’t, they’ll find your competitors. We understand that a website that fits your business model can help keep your customers coming back and allow inquiries for those who hears about you.

Accessible Customer Support

The web industry often gets a bad reputation for web developers who create a site and then disappear, leaving the client with a site they can’t update or edit. When you hire us, we are always available for support, even long after your site has launched. There are no hidden costs or service contracts to sign, we have a simple hourly fee.

Stay Connected With Your Current Customers

Can your current customers find out what your new offerings are if you don’t have a site? Not really. The Internet rewrote the rules of business and changed our culture. Businesses of all industries have established themselves online to take a share of the market. It becomes necessary now to establish your business on the internet to stay in business. Let us help make the transition for you.


We know there are many shady businesses on the internet, and respect your reluctance to spend your hard-earned money on something as subjective as design and as mystical as SEO. We provide you with real expectations, your business marketing plan, deliver your project on time and within budget, your website SEO traffic is real and that your Social Media Marketing are not filled with fans and followers that are really just robots. More importantly, you will be happy with the final product.

Consistent Professional Image

Can your employees remain consistent with their tone of voice, professional image, facial expression, professional attitude and product knowledge at all times? No. Unlike impressions presented by human, which can make or break your sales, your company’s professional image will always remain consistent even when you need a break.