Case Studies


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Avvya Total Indulgence is a premium natural handcrafted soap, bath and lotion. Avvya makes products available to customer who were only able to purchase their soaps, scrubs, salts, lotions and other products exclusively through our spa and resort clients. Their natural calming and soothing ingredients allow you the pleasures one would expect to find when pampering yourself or someone special.  Visit site 


Although Avvya was successful doing business offline, our client wants to utilize their website to process orders and engage the internet to expand its market reach. The old website did not gave client any traffic or had any activity on the site. 

There were many things wrong with the previous website. For seo there were no H1 tags, alt tags, image titles, internal links, sitemap, privacy policy, etc. The metatags or keywords were too broad such as soap, bath, lotion, spa, etc., making page ranking very difficult and attracting untargetted visitors if the site does ever rank high. On the techical end, the wholesale feature requires our client to do everything manually and the affiliates program was also not functional, this defeats the purpose and those who wants to promote the site can’t. There were no marketing mechanism on the previous website that allows visitors to share with their social space.

Client wants to create a fully functional wholesale system in the website but does not want it to be a distraction on the retail side. The client had no idea what online audience would buy their products, thus an online market research was crucial.

This problem are very common for business websites who were sold on simple aesthetic design and the appearance of complete functionality, but only to realize a conversion problem after many months down the road as it seems nothing works as expected so we need to find a solution. Faced with so many framework and marketing problems, we decided a new website was the best, fastest and most affordable option.


We decided to build on a platform that has the most complete ecommerce functionality but also known as the slowest platform avaliable on the market, a dilemma we overcame by innovative programming team. 

We wanted to integrate social media marketing into the website without having visitors leave the site so our team

The first thing we did was to focus on the buying market. After extensive research on Avvya, the industry, and their competitors. Supported by this research, we designed a modern-looking website that effectively communicated Avvya’s global market strength. We created a persona for the website and identified its audience. This major piece of the puzzle uncovered some innovation that gave this client a competitive edge.


After over 7 weeks of development, Avvya’s new heavy weight ecommerce website was finally launched. The new design was very closely resembled the client’s expectation although there were some technology limitations that cannot meet the client’s 100% expectation. More importantly to us was the client were aware of this technology limitation throughout the project and that gave our client the right expectation every step of the way. 

It was perfect the first time. We acknowledged the client was using to process payments, a merchant service that requires an SSL security and Dedicated IP to ensure proper encryption throughout the payment process. Our technician failed to install the certificate properly the first time so we had to reinstall the Dedicated IP and then the SSL again, making the site inaccessible for more than 10 hours because of the DNS propagation process. Once the Dedicated IP was fully propagated, we check the website again to make sure everything was running properly and it was as expected.

The new website is iPhone optimized, search engine optimized, separate wholesale and retail pricing and access control, affiliates program, blog feature, newsletter function, Facebook and Twitter boxes, Google translate, images catered to its market. It has the most complete ecommerce functionality avaliable in the market today. Truly gave them a competitive edge among their competitors.

We customize the software code to allow faster loading time and transferred to our server that allows higher usage of CPU, most hosting company frown on, and allow gzip compression function not avaliable on most commerical hosting companies such as GoDaddy or because it decreases each customer’s avaliable quota, making them less money per server. As a result, the website load time averages from 17 seconds to less than 4 seconds.

The Wholesale and Retail side was fully functional. Once the client manually approve the applicant, they can browse freely in the wholesale side and buy products but cannot checkout if the total is under $500, a function long saught after were finally avaliable to our client. The affiliate program is also fully functional and automated, allowing our client hands-free way to recruit an online sales army.

The website jumped from Page Rank 0 to Page Rank 3 in less than 60 days without any search engine marketing efforts; this means the website’s potential can far exceed its current competitors when we apply our online marketing efforts.

From absolute no traffic on their previous website to 46% from direct traffic, 27% from referring sites and 27% from search engines on their new website.

Increased Facebook fanpage likes by over 26%

The website’s average time on site are over 2 minutes, whereas their competitors are averaging 1 minute. Doubling the industry standard.

American Business Marketing successfully translated Avvya’s branding to an online venue while making it easier for customers – both current and prospective – to find Avvya through search engines, bringing in more leads and fostering better relationships.

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i-Immersion provides Bay Area cities foreign language immersion courses for children and adults.  Visit site 


Although i-Immersion had a functional website in place and wanted to add new functionality to the website, the architecture and the structure of the website was excessively complex for it’s purpose. The purpose was to allow teachers to create their own blog within a WordPress platform. The previous setup was that each teacher’s blog was an entire WordPress installation with seperate databases all connected into one WordPress frontend, the main site. This caused more problem than it should because commands were often triggered twice for the a function that were suppose to trigger once, making technical bug fixing very difficult. 

The design of the site did not allow teachers or anyone to easily sign in. The drop down box to login confused many teachers and different web browsers and screen size display the drop down icon on a different location, making it harder than it should to use the website.

Many necessary forms to sign up for tutor classes were not functional because of the site’s complex setup, making client use Google Forms instead. The problem with using Google forms is that it adds extra steps to a one step process. The only way the Google form can be used was through iFrame, a window inside the website, making it feel very uncomfortable for the person filling in their personal information.

The on-page seo was not targetted such as ‘san mateo, camp, tutor, mandarin, spanish, etc., unintentionally competiting with U.S cities and vague terms not related to the website. The website was not properly optimize for search engines and there many essential seo components were missing such as a sitemap page, privacy policy page, etc.

The client wants to redesign the website for easy navigation and only logged in teachers can see certain navigation links.


We acknowledge the importance for parents to feel safe and trusted about the institute they send their kids to so a website have to mirror that image and process. Unfortunately our client’s previous website did not translate that message. 

The best solution for I-immersion was to rebuild the entire website and a design best match their previous theme.

More importantly was our seasoned designer understands color psychology that fits the business and our developer’s expertise made all the requested features possible.


We rebuilt the entire website and rely on one platform by using their existing content. This alone reduced their database site from over 290 megabites down to less than 40 megabites total. As a result, this website runs faster and more secure. 

The new design gives returing visitors a sense of familiarity, yet a stunning feeling of sophistication and seriousness about their business, instilling trust and improvement to their visitors. Visitors no longer have to guess where the login and register buttons are. All the forms are now processed inside the website, making the entire process more secure and a feeling of certainty, ultimately increased trust among their visitors.

Teachers can now register, write their own blog and manage their profiles all without a new WordPress installation. When teachers logged in certain navigation links will reveal itself, making the site more user friendly. The entire setup saved our client many needless hours of work per week maintaining the website, allowing them to focus more on their business.

The new website was search engine optimized and keywords were refined to their market, this alone boosted their Page Rank from 2 to 3 in less than 45 days.

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Lunchart is an abstract art website that displays artist Robert Lunchart’s work collections.  Visit site 


The website first went live in 2005 but client was unable to update the website because he was unable to recover his access information. The problem was his domain name and hosting was with Yahoo!. The biggest problem was Yahoo! sold their domain department to a Canadian company but we later found out and retrieve their business contact information. Hosting and domain are two seperate entities, one can often be independant of the other, but in this case we were stuck. 

Many business cards were printed and doing business for many years under the domain name so retreiving the login information very important to our client.

Client wants to rebuild a new website that looks and feel like the previous one, user friendly, retouch images with professional software, pop up photo gallery, pop up contact form, include Facebook page, San Francisco 49ers logo, a link exchange page, search engine optimized and an easy way to manage their website.


The first thing we had to do is retrieve lost login information. We helped client locate the new registrar company and recovered their login information. This took more than 5 days to resolve. 

Our team rebuild the website with a design very closely resembles the old theme so returning visitors can recognize the website and artist. We optimized the website’s keywords and overall search engine visibility factors.


With the help of American Business Marketing, was able to bring Webability to its business through an eye-catching website that also fits in with client’s overall strategic business plan. 

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