Internet Website Marketing

Stop Hiding From Your Customers. There are hundreds of customers wanting to buy your product and services every day, yes really. Let us help you get in front of them and capture their attention.
Here is an overview of what we offer to prospective clients.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO / SEM): Search engine algorithms will determine which page of your website will appear when people search for a particular term. The search engines will display relevant results to a particular search term. Our team use advanced search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to influence which of our client webpage appears for a certain keyword, thus increase a website's visibility. This includes organic search results and paid search results, also known as pay per click advertising. As a result, our clients experienced more relevant traffic and better customer experience.
Social Media / Word-of-mouth Campaign: Social media has become the talk of the internet. It has been so big that it caused many companies to reconstruct their existing marketing approach from intrusion and disruption to dialogue and interaction. We help our clients to leverage social media to energize their brand, engage with existing communities, develop new ones, strengthen customer communications and execute campaigns that are authentic and aligned with their brand identity and marketing goals.
Display & Rich Media Advertising: With today's competitive online advertising, it has become harder to capture a viewer's attention with traditional not flashy ads. This is where Rich Media Advertising gives our clients an edge. It uses advanced technology such as streaming video, interactive java banners that changes when a user's mouse passes over it. We develop both branding campaigns and response-driven campaigns, providing value and producing a desirable ROI for our clients.
Email Marketing: Of all the different media to drive visitors to your website, a good email list can generate conversion rates that are three to five times higher than other media. Similar to search engine marketing, email marketing is permission based marketing from opt-in subscribers. They gave you permission to communicate with them. Unless you can provide constant value to them, you may find out you cannot keep them very long. Our email marketing team follows best practices and has many years of experience that can deliver your business experience to your subscribers.
Mobile Marketing: Business mobile phone websites has become an increasingly important part of the customer experience. Traditional website not optimized for mobile phones won't work. Rather, mirror your existing website and offer useful value to visitors had proven consistent success in our campaigns. We help our clients drive success by mobile display advertising, mobile search engine optimization (mobile SEO) and mobile site development.
Reputation Management: The internet allows anyone to claim anything that is true or false. This created a gray area in the legal system where it cannot effectively punish abusers and protect the victims of falsely accused that often led to reputation damage. This hurts the victim on every imaginable level. We help clients minimize online reputation damage that indirectly hurts their business and reputation. Our teams is experienced in executing reputation protection campaigns that are result driven and respond immediately any smear tactic from their competitors.
Conversion Optimization: Having a business website is essential and bringing in traffic is necessary, but that is not enough. Converting visitors into customers has become a core practice of many large companies. They've invested large amount on web development and even more for traffic generation, only to realize converting those traffics does not convert into customers. We help our clients succeed by applying extensive tracking and testing techniques that increased traffic conversion rate and reach closer to their marketing goals.