Planning & Strategy

Don't Gamble With Your Business. Discover What Makes Some Businesses Successful With Our Comprehensive Research. Let Us Help You Formulate an Effective and Measurable Marketing Campaign.
Marketing Strategy: We use a variety of proprietary research tools and resources to gain a highly detailed understanding of your customers. We use these insights to drive the creation of successful marketing strategies. Some of our services includes psychographic mapping, buying patterns, lifestyles, location and customer decision process.
Competitive Analysis: By studying your competitors, they can tell you a lot about your market. We investigate thoroughly about your competitors to understand their campaign, positioning, customer experience and components that can be a threat or leverage to our success.
Persona Development: This is all the talks in the marketing and design world today. But we do things differently. We combine comprehensive fact-based information to develop our campaigns. As time evolves, we re-define and optimize the experience we create.
Digital Marketing Strategy: Do you need help with online visibility, acquire customers, or want to provide your customers with a better online experience. Our team can gather information that is highly relevant to your business and identify opportunities that can put into actionable steps. We can help you achieve your marketing goals.
Integrated Search Marketing: Users who found your website on the internet search results are having a singular experience. Does it make sense to align those experiences as one? We think so. Our experience has proven by aligning your website to those search results, conversion rate increases. Our team specializes in website optimization so you can combine the effort instead of doing it one by one.
Social Media/Word-of-Mouth: Customers who had a bad experience from a business generally are ten times more likely to tell someone about it. With all the variety of platforms on the internet, how can you manage their perception about you or your brand? We map these areas and progressively monitor their activities. We develop strategies to help you realign misconceptions about you or your brand and leverage any opportunities that are present.
Mobile Marketing Strategy: Mobile phones are the new computers or computers are the new mobile phones? Both way, the screens are smaller and the device are portable. As a business we want to know if it's mainstream, the next disruption or somewhere in the middle. We can help you sort it out and exploit opportunities in the mobile marketing arena to achieve your marketing goals.
Analytics & Performance: When the day is over, we all want to know how our campaign did and if we made ROI. Instead of being flooded with countless data, we can help to sort it out. We will compare your campaign analytics, segmentation modeling, optimizations, and synchronize online-offline reporting. We are driven by result and we can help.