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The Internet Changed the Way We Do Business and Our Culture.
It has become evident that if you are in business, you need a business website. Don’t let amateurs handle your company’s reputation and image.
Studies have shown that 75% or more customers will research online and reference on reviews before they buy anything today. This includes services that used to rely on their convenient geographic location and word-of-mouth referrals to get businesses such as haircuts, auto repair, plumbing, roofing, nail salon, restaurants, legal issues, accountants, insurance, and hardware store and so on. The Internet changed the way of doing business in a matter of few years and will only continue this path in full speed.
As a professional and business owner, you want customers and sales predictability and for us to get this we have to advertise. This is why we hire telemarketers, sales people, go to business related events, networking, pay for newspaper ad space, and send out direct mails, list on the Yellow Pages, sign up for coupon books and other marketing channels because we realize that once we stop marketing, the sales stop.
A business website is the perfect mix. Not just any website, but a business website that helps converts visitors into customers. A website that shows up when potential customers search for your product or service when they want and where they want.
A business website is your company’s sales and marketing department to the world. It has the capability to run your entire business online so you can reduce your overhead cost. This includes customer service, inventory management, project/team collaboration, customer relation management (CRM – perform certain function such as email marketing, follow up sales calls, birthday reminder, etc. based on the relation per customer or what they bought in the past), lead generation, process transactions and so on.
Three reasons to have a business website:
  1. Sell products for your business
  2. Build subscription list for marketing purposes
  3. Build links and increase exposure to help with ad/referral conversion

Four common mistakes your competitors are doing wrong with their business website.

1. Some don’t have a business website. Example, a customer needs a reliable service in your local area soon. What will they do?
  1. Go through their trash and look for that junk mail they threw away days ago and hope its the service they were looking for?
  2. Call up their good friends and ask who they use in their local neighborhood?
  3. Find that big heavy Yellow Page book somewhere in the house and look for a good local provider?
  4. Go on the internet to look for a business they need in their local area, view the business website, read its reviews and contact the business?
No wonder over 75% of customers use number 4 everyday as their main method of buying. It is the most convenient, logical and reliable method that allows them to reduce risk by reading upon reviews and get the maximum value for their money.
2. They have the wrong kind of business website. Each business has its unique process that helps it run. Instead of a business website that fits their business process and serves as a sales and marketing tool, they hired a web designer, threw up some graphics much like a brochure and expect visitors to be impressed and buy. This is never the case. These business website are also very difficult to be visible in search engines because their structures are not search engines friendly. This means not only did they over paid for graphics, which never the reason why customer will buy, they also have a hard time being found by potential customers.
3. Their business website is out dated. They were built over 10 years ago, the whole page are slanted left, they are built with flash that takes too long time to load and our current mobile phones cannot read them correctly. This is the reputation and image of their business, out dated.
4. They have a business website that looks like it was done by their 15 year old nephew. We’ve all seen those. Basic copy and paste, countless coding errors, incompatiable across browsers, you cannot read them correctly on any phone, loading speed lacks, the domain name have and a lot of malfunctions. It repels customers, not compliant with current technologies and makes their competitors business website look much better than it really is. These kind of business website simply send potential customers away, period.

We do more than our competitors. We build your business website by focusing on

1. Marketing – the reason why your customers buy your products and services.
2. Visibility – we build your website to be visibility in mind, after all, what good if you provide the best product/service in the world if they cannot find it on the internet?
3. Persona – in marketing, personas are effective methods to convert buyers. We create a personality similar to your customers to help with your sales.
Don’t Let Amateurs Handle Your Company’s Reputation and Image. Let us help you build your business website right the first time.